The journey of the hand-painted silk scarves.


The collection of Silk Products were originally inspired by a holiday I had in Venice, the summer before my finals at University. I was enthralled by it’s cultural character with it’s quaint buildings and the labyrinth of streets saturated with  tourists. I filled my sketchbooks with sketches and water-colour drawings collecting anything and everything that was inspirational to me.


My final collection at University was based on Venice and I created fashion accessories using embroidery, embellishment and hand-painted fabrics. The hand-painted silk scarves created the most interest so I decided to take it further and set up the business and began producing hand-painted silk products from Silk Products , kaftans, cushions to framed art.

Each scarf is individual in style due to the process of indirect printing on silk which makes the product more unique and personal to it’s owner.

If you are looking for something special to buy for a friend this Christmas then look no further! Not only can it be worn as a scarf it can also be framed as a timeless piece of art.