So it has been said for a very long time that there aren’t enough men’s cards on the High Street. Women purchase an estimated 80% of all greeting cards. So perhaps the industry has become rather female orientated? So here we go, I have decided to give you chaps a chance and I have come up with a range of cards called It's a man thing! ” I have to say, it’s pretty difficult leaving behind my feminine creativity but I have tried to utilise my style to create illustrative designs that reflect men’s interests. Whether you are dreaming of becoming a rock star, or perhaps you already are one! The car that every guy dreams about and the suave man at the bar - ‘Dry martini shaken not stirred’!  Whether it is sailing across the med or travelling around the world in a campervan, I have tried to cover enough subjects to please you all, anyway it’s a start!


It has to be said ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’ so perhaps I am a galaxy away with this collection. I will let you decide… But I hope I have at least impressed the ladies after all they are the one’s who purchase the cards?